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Volunteers needed for CD compilation!

Calling indie music supporters!!!

Want to play a part in putting together a Malaysian indie music compilation?

Join us! Email us at openmickl [at] gmail [dot] com. Thank you!

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

DoPPel Indie Picks: Of musical debuts... Singer songwriter Bihzhu in a Sondheim Musical & Lorde's EP, The Love Club

DoPPelganger Indie Picks is a selection of some of our favourites. We proudly present you with two artistes for your listening pleasure. 


Introducing Penang-born songbird, BIHZHU - singer songwriter who currently lives in Kuala Lumpur. Her foray into the world of musicals begins with Stephen Sondheim's "MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG" produced in KL by by Pan Productions. BIHZHU is also the voice behind Penang Tourism's TV commercial aired via Asian Food Channel, featuring Dato' Jimmy Choo. 

[New Zealand]

And from the twin towers across the Peninsular of Malaysia, we head across the South China and Tasman Seas to find New Zealander of Croatian/Irish heritage - LORDE. 

Her debut EP, The Love Club, was originally posted on SoundCloud in November 2012 and was available for free download. Manager Maclachlan said: "We felt it was a very strong piece of music and thought, let's just put it out and worry about the money later ... When it got to 60,000 free downloads [the record company] said, we have to stop now." A music supervisor in the United States heard the EP and played it to Lava Records CEO Jason Flom who subsequently wanted to meet Lorde and sign her to his Universal subsidiary label. Flom said: "We saw an immediate reaction around the world ... It was the first spark that lit the blaze of attention and activity that culminated in Lorde’s incredible album debut.  

Source: Wikipedia:

And so here is the story of musical debuts...

But first... this is a nice little project Esquiremy - a music compilation featuring Bihzhu as one of the performers. Check it out! 

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Event News: BBoy, Hip Hop, Emcees ready for TYGS 2014 Battle Series??!!

TYGS 2014 Battle Series is confirmed and ready to roll out a killer line up of Hip Hop Battles covering All Elements.

This year, together with The Judgement Day & BBoyWorld Malaysia and in conjunction with Malaysia Got Hip Hop we are getting amped up for some of the illest Hip Hop Battles and bringing the community together in ONE location - Maju Junction Mall

All Happening on Sunday June 1st 2014 from 5PM to 9PM.

Get a glimpse of the latest visuals and take a peek at everyone who is supporting TYGS Battle Series 2014!

Oh and if you can guess who that guy is on the poster, yeah the one with his back to you, you win one of our cool door prizes!

Contact person:

#TheMoveMint Jason 'Vandal' Schadt
Director of Ceremonies
+6016 9851981 [Malaysia]

The power of Connections

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

News: KL International Jazz Fest 2014 is back!

Jazz lovers! Take note. Keep your 17 & 18 May free for the 2014 installation of KL International Jazz Festival! Support!

Diane Schuur

Vocalist/pianist Diane Schuur is as eclectic as she is brilliant. A longtime disciple of Dinah Washington and other legendary jazz singers of the ‘40s and ‘50s, Schuur has built a stellar career by embracing not only the jazz of her parents’ generation, but also the pop music of her own youth during the late 1950s ...

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Keiko Matsui

Keiko Matsui is a citizen of the world. She tours relentlessly and has brought her music to virtually every corner of the globe. Her music transcends boundary and her unique melting pot of musical influences have garnered her a devout international following. “Music has no borders and it creates a oneness among people,” confides the ...

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Tizer Quartet

Driven by an explosive mix of jazz, rock, classical, jam band influences and Afro Cuban and world rhythms, Downbeat—the first studio album by TIZER, a multi-cultural band led by Boulder, CO native, keyboardist/composer Lao Tizer—throws down a high powered collection of 12 brand-new originals on this scintillating release of fresh instrumental music from one of ...

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John Beasley

Grammy-nominated recording artist John Beasley’s music career spans three decades.  LA Times jazz critic Bill Kohlhaasee describes Beasley’s music and playing as “a variety of generational influences, incorporating the emphatic chordal clusters of Herbie Hancock, the rhythmic quirkiness of Monk and the lush intelligence of Art Tatum into a highly refined personal voice.” His credits cross the ...

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Michaela Rabitsch & Robert Pawlik

Michaela Rabitsch, singer, composer and Austria’s only female top jazz trumpet player is called a modern day female Chet Baker by the US magazine Jazzscene. Michaela and her ingenious partner, composer and incredible fluid guitarist Robert Pawlik present “Voyagers“, their 4th common CD and a program, inspired by their numerous tours of the last years ...

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Phillippe Sellam Trio

Philippe Sellam was born on the 24 of October in 1960 in Alger, Algeria. He is living in Paris as a musician and composer. He plays the alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baryton saxophone, and soprano saxophone. He has played with Michel Petruciani, Paco Sery group (Joe Zawinul drummer), Michel Portal, Roy Hargrove, Andy Emler, Mino Cinelu, Glenn Ferris, Maraca ...

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Dominique di Piazza with Beyond & Blues Quartet

Dominique Di Piazza was born in Lyon, France, with Sicilian ancestry and a gypsy stepfather. He started playing electric bass in 1979. After some time, he managed to free himself from the pervasive influence that Jaco Pastorius had over most bassists at the time, by creating his own style. Self-taught, he added an extra high ...

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Events: Sarawak street arts carnival

Sarawak Street Arts Carnival
26-27 April 2014
Kuching Waterfront

Be there!
Wish we were there too!

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

World News: Search for BEST BAND IN THE WORLD this weekend!


Watch the concert playlist


Watch the concerts on LIVESTREAM Saturday 8th of February:

(Bookmark this link!)

Follow the World Finalists as they run into temples, get chased by elephants, tame tigers, and ROCK the city of Chiang Mai!! Be there if you dare!! 

Presenting the World Finalists:

The Crawford Brothers (Australia)
Avante Guarden (Bahamas)
Vox Mira (Belarus)
Doctor Victor (Czech Republic)
Firekind (England)
Bombing the Avenue (Greece)
The Nose (Malaysia)
Joint Family Internationale (Nepal)
Cosmic Carnival (Netherlands)
Adrenaline Band (Nigeria)
Dudes (Norway)
RushK (Pakistan)
Roots of Nature (Philippines)
Need (Thailand)
Seven Pounds (Ukraine)
Zamazi (Vietnam)

Livestreaming Schedule Worldwide:


Bahamas --- 6:00 AM Start
United Kingdom --- 11:00 AM Start
Czech, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway --- 12:00 NN Start
Greece, Moldova, Ukraine --- 1:00 PM Start
Belarus --- 2:00 PM Start
Pakistan --- 4:00 PM Start
India --- 4:30 PM Start
Nepal --- 4:45 PM Start
Thailand, Vietnam --- 6:00 PM Start
Malaysia, Philippines --- 7:00 PM Start
Australia --- 9:00 PM Start

Join in and support your band! Forward this message to your friends:

Forward to Friend

The GBOB World Final Concert will be happening at the Central Festival Chiang Mai, 6PM Start. The concert is FREE and is sponsored by:

Copyright © 2014 GBOB Worldwide Limited, GBOB Malaysia by All rights reserved.

Doppel Indie Picks: Najwa releases new EP 'Aurora' & original version of 'Say Something' by Ian Axel


DoPPelganger Indie Picks is a tradition and we usually select two artistes to share with you, our readers. So in this issue, we're pleased to share with you two artistes - NAJWA, a Malaysian singer songwriter now based in America and IAN AXEL (below) of A GREAT BIG WORLD with their re-recorded song "Say Something" with Christina Aguilera. We share a video of an earlier concert by Ian Axel below. Enjoy!

 Source Wikipedia: "Say Something" is a song by American recording artist Ian Axel, taken from his solo album This Is the New Year (2011). On September 3, 2013, Epic Records released it as a single from Is There Anybody Out There? by duo A Great Big World, in which Axel is a member. Following its usage on American reality TV show So You Think You Can Dance, the track gained attention from singer Christina Aguilera, who wanted to be featured on the song. Quickly afterwards, Aguilera appeared on the re-recorded version of "Say Something", released on November 4, 2013.
A music video for the Aguilera re-recorded version was released on November 19, 2013. It features the trio singing as people "act out the heartbreaking lyrics." To further promote "Say Something", A Great Big World performed the track on The Voice and at the American Music Awards of 2013 with Aguilera; meanwhile the solo version was performed on the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
image courtesy: +najwamahiaddin 

 We were recently contacted by the publicist for NAJWA, an independent songstress now based in New York City. Well, we're stoked to share that her new release will soon drop 10 Feb. We'll be right back! Meanwhile, freshen up again with her music video below, "GOT TO GO". 


March 5th, 2014 at 12:00AM

New York, NY (February 3, 2014) – Malaysian singer-songwriter Najwa, most well known for her award-winning R&B/retro pop single “Got To Go” (view video below), will digitally release her new EP Aurora on March 5th. The EP’s folk/electronic bonus track, “Seri Mersing” will be available digitally on February 10th wherever music is sold online.   

 Speaking of “Seri Mersing”, the only non-English track on the EP which boldly manipulates the Johorian ghazal into an unconventional form, Najwa says, “Going to Berklee and learning about everyone’s different culture and music has made me realized that as a Malaysian I too have a unique identity to share with the world. Why should I be ashamed of my heritage? There’s always a sense of pride when I sing my folk songs here and hearing someone who doesn’t speak the language enjoy the melody regardless.”

Aurora embraces a minimalistic electronic approach and marks a drastic departure from Najwa’s vintage R&B aesthetics. The sounds are still soulful, just electronically based. Collaborating with producer Harsya Wahono, she notes, “The songs can acoustically stand on their own as I will always be a singer-songwriter at heart. They are just stripped down into an electronic setting to match the contemporary style that I am leaning towards from being inspired by James Blake and Little Dragon.” The EP comes nearly three years after the release of her debut album Innocent soul in 2011, for which she won Best Local English Song and Best New Artiste at AIM (Malaysian Music Industry Awards).

Aurora is digitally self-released under Najwa’s own record label, Nada Biru Muzik. The full track listing is as follows:
1. Lover
2. Before
3. Floatin’
4. Wonderland
5. Seri Mersing - Bonus track

Currently New York based, Najwa will be performing at a select few NY dates, with her first headlining performance on March 28 at Ella Lounge. Tickets:

About Najwa:
It all started with a shade of black, and then there was no turning back. A multiple award winning singer-songwriter, New York based Najwa is returning from her three year hiatus with a darker undertone in her music, experimenting with somber and minimalistic echoes over the usual warm piano accompaniments.  Thus the Aurora EP is born- her sounds shamelessly stripped down into a bare electronic setting, her soul’s deepest shadows unveiled.

Perhaps it was the barren winters of Boston, having spent the last three years pursuing her music degree at Berklee College of Music. Switching her playlist from Jill Scott, Erykah Badu and Billie Holiday to the likes of Little Dragon, Evy Jake and James Blake while braving the isolated icy paths far away from home may have had a little something to do with it.  A drastic departure from her debut R&B/neo-soul album Innocent Soul back in 2011, Aurora seeks to reaffirm her Malaysian roots by blending traditional elements with a more current soundtrack. Najwa’s first single off Aurora, “Seri Mersing”, boldly weaves the ancestral ghazal folk song into a contemporary orchestration- intimating a sacrilegious cultural intercross of the old and new. The single is set for release this February, followed by the EP release in March.

For more information visit:

For press/booking inquiries, contact

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DoPPel Music World News: Open mics & Live Music Venues in Malaysia, music news & more!

January 2014 Edition :

Want to attend an open mic but where??? 

So you've written some materials and want to explore how a live audience reacts to it.

So you attend an open mic night. Watch the people who go up on stage. Watch the audience.

And decide, hey, it'll be my turn next!

Here's a guide to your journey, inspired by an email we received from Ashida (who's soon to launch her EP) - asking about open mics in KL!

Useful links:
Open mic events in KL & PJ, Malaysia
- a website that lists all the open mics around town. It's managed by singer songwriter Shaneil Devaser. & Feedback Open Mic
- Singer/songwriter Reza Salleh organisers one of the longest standing open mic series in KL. Head to and search 'Feedback open mic'. Usually held at The Bee in Publika M'ont Kiara or Jaya One in Petaling Jaya, Feedback happens regularly and is organised by Moonshine in collaboration with The Bee.
- Kudos to singer/songwriter Bryan Gomez, Mer-day-kar-ya is a hive for independent musicians, writers and artists to converge. This is one of the more active venues in town for live music. Book your open mic here at their website. & Treehouse Open Mic

- Singer/songwriter Amrita Soon organises a platform for teenagers to come and showcase their talents. No smoking, and not during school days. Open to those who: Sing, Write songs, Play an instrument, Recite poetry, or Tell jokes... Usually held at Paradox Cafe in Bandar Utama area in Kuala Lumpur.
- Guitarist/Educator, Az Samad hosted a series of open mic nights in collaboration with We Are Malaysian Made! at The Venue, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur in 2012.

A Directory to Live Music Venues in Malaysia

Live Music Venues in KL, Malaysia
- KL's legendary live gastro jazz bar is an institution! Founded in 1998 by Sarawakian born-US trained classical pianist Evelyn Hii, this once humble establishment located five doors from it’s original home has now become an institution in KL. It’s stage has seen the likes of Malaysia’s top singers and musicians and the region’s best, not excluding an impressive lineup of international acts over the years and most importantly, the watering hole of choices for KL’s intellectual, cultural, social and corporate elite.
Rumah Api is available for rent and shows can start as early as 8am but should stop before 12pm. The owners provide a show space with Complete PA system, mic and backline AND it's fully air-conditioned. Bands, performer, artists, and organizations only have these rules to adhere to - NO HOMOPHOBICS, NO RACISM, NO SEXISM, NO AGEISM, NO VIOLENCE!
- Alternate + collective runs this space located in the heart of Bukit Bintang (Starhill) in KL. A great venue for bands wishing to launch their EPs or get close to fans.
- Insider Space is a venue for live performance music, dance, theatre, comedy, screening, and press conference. As well as a space for dinner,birthday party ,indoor and community event,motivation and training classes. Located in Komplex Maluri, in KL. 

Live Music Venues in Penang, Malaysia &
- Curated by singer/songwriter Kien Lim, The Canteen hosts plenty of live music shows every single weekend. There, you'll catch bands like Viv Adram & The Northern Jazz Unit, The Rubberbands, Jip Jazz Trio, The Color Noise, Kien Lim himself and many others!
- Owned by musician Cole Yew of legendary band Hui Se Di Dai, Soundmaker offers bands an uber cool space to make some real 'noise'!!!


International Music News
The Global Battle of the Bands championship is all about keeping music REAL! Bands get to perform 2 original songs within 8 minutes on stage, to a live audience. The World Finals takes place in Chiang Mai, Thailand on 8 February 2014, and will feature 18 bands from Malaysia (The Nose) Moldova, India, Thailand, UK, Norway, Australia, Belarus, Bahamas, Jamaica and many more! GBOB Malaysia was organised in collaboration with FEYST: Independent Youth Festival. 
Midem, the leading international business event for the music ecosystem. Attend four action-packed days with more than 6,000 key international music professionals, cutting-edge tech companies, brands, ad agencies, and fresh artists. This, is held in Cannes, France.,,
The 6th installation of FEYST took place for the 2nd year at Publika M'ont Kiara. Themed 'MEET THE MAKERS', FEYST presented a 3-day free for all festival at Publika The Square and at Paradiso Lounge. It's tradition each year is to produce a compilation album featuring six singer songwriters via a live-recorded show at No Black Tie. The singer songwriters that were selected in 2013 were: Az Samad, Froya, Fazz (external link), Halfway Kings, Ministry of Blunk and Epy & Ardiv. Despite the dismal turn-up this year, and also a sad lack of sponsors, the FEYST platform brought together over 100 musicians who shared the stage and showcased their original material. FEYST is all about providing a space for young creative minds to network, mingle and co-create. The Organisers are planning a better festival for 2014. Visit the website, like its Facebook page and join its Facebook group for more updates. Email hello [at] if you'd like to collaborate for its 2014 installation.